My TV appearances for the past 30 years number more than 2,100, and still counting.
If Thomas Gottschalk is the greatest TV host and
entertainer in Europe, I can proudly claim
that I participated in 12 Thomas-Gottschalk-Shows. There also were 4 with Alfred Biolek,
5 with Harald Schmitt, 6 with Oliver Pocher, etc, etc.

In the U.S., I met the greatest TV hosts. Here, I am in the news often, e.g. on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX etc.
One of my unforgettable appearances was the one with Dame Edna in London.

I have often appeared on TMZ, which I love, for several days in a row.

I will never forget how I was filmed together with
the Swedish King and Queen in Stockholm.

I have participated in 3 movies and was a guest star in 2 TV shows.

Many companies asked me to cooperate with them for commercials over the past 30 years.

In Europe, I advertised Viagra for Pfizer at a time when the product was not yet approved for the market in Germany.

My great PR increased the need and greed for Viagra until even Germany had to give it approval.

Have a look at the page "Viagra" and enjoy - Viva Viagra - there.

Unfortunately, I have always received tapes from the networks. In time, I will have all of them burned on CD
and will upload approximatly 1,000 shows on this website during the next 6 months.

If you are interested in seeing my shows, please be patient.